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Evergrande children's World Fairy Street

Children's world is the world's only "all indoor, all-weather, all season" large theme park. It is aimed at children aged 2-15, with Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese stories as the core content. It will build the world's largest, highest grade and world's first-class children's fairy tale theme park. At present, Evergrande has deployed 15 Evergrande children's world projects nationwide. Starting from 2022, it will be a national brand with strong cultural confidence and excellent Chinese culture.

Street Distribution: Hengda children's world theme park peripheral Street area, with business, catering as the main function, to create Hengda children's world characteristic theme block.

There are 22 architectural styles in the project, such as Cologne, nice, Genoa, Milan, Nuremberg, Lubeck, Munich, St. Petersburg, Budapest, balamo, Tuscany, etc.

Each type of building is refined out of its style characteristics, and then through deformation, exaggeration and other means of expression deduction, the unrestrained architectural surface gives the project fairy tale color, gives people unlimited imagination space, more attractive theme park.

The core of the lighting design of this project is to turn "fairy tale world in dream" into "fairy tale world in eyes".

The imaginary fairy tale world is transformed into reality to the greatest extent. Through the light color, brightness, scene and combing of architectural characteristics, the lighting planning is carried out with proper light and shade, moderate virtual and real, and warm and comfortable atmosphere.

In detail, the influence of rich colors on the lighting of the building facade is considered. The overall pursuit of unity and harmony, while retaining the characteristics of theme differentiation.

The key point of the lighting design in this case is the expression of architectural theme characteristics, how to ensure the realization of design effect?

The first is the installation and concealment of lamps and lanterns. After many technical discussions and on-site tests, our company has solved the problems such as the use of lamps with large arc eaves structure and the anti glare of buried lamps. The second is the on-site debugging of lamps and lanterns. During the construction, our technical personnel cooperate with the site to repeatedly debug the lighting effect, such as the adjustment of lighting angle, the supplement of local lamps and lanterns, etc, At the same time, it also focuses on the night scene effect before the commercial settlement, and unifies the indoor transparency, landscape atmosphere and overall environmental light.


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