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There are thousands of museums in the world, including not only large comprehensive museums, but also small theme museums. However, each museum brings different feelings to tourists. However, some museums with outstanding architectural appearance have left a deep impression on people. They have been recognized by more and more audiences and won good reputation, thus becoming well-known "classic museums".

The Shed
New York, 2019

The shed is a non-profit cultural organization for the public, which is committed to commission, develop and display original works of art in all disciplines. The Fed's blog building is an innovative 18500 square meter building designed by Diller scofidio + Renfro and Rockwell group. The structure of the building can be physically modified to support the artists' wild ideas.

The eight story building includes two floors of art space; Multifunctional Griffin Theatre; Tisch skylight, which includes a rehearsal space, a creative lab designed for local artists, and an activity space with skylight. McCourt is a landmark space that can hold large-scale performances, installation exhibitions and various activities. It is formed when the retractable shell of "the shed" is deployed from the foundation building and slides along the track to the adjacent square.
The shed has two spacious and flexible pillarless galleries, which are located on the second and fourth floors of the main building respectively. It has more than 2340 square meters of Museum level exhibition space with a ceiling height of 6 meters. The movable wall on the east side can directly connect the gallery and "the McCourt" to provide more space and seats.
"The shed" open infrastructure can provide permanent flexibility for the unknown future and be able to respond to the changing needs of scale, media, technology and artists in a timely manner“ The 37 meter high removable shell of the shed "is constructed by an exposed steel inclined frame and covered with a translucent cushion made of polyfluoroethylene (ETFE) and light-weight Teflon polymer. This material has the thermal insulation performance of insulating glass, and is only a small part of the weight of insulating glass“ The shed's polyfluoroethylene panel is the largest ever, and in some places it's nearly 21 meters long.

Museum of Tomorrow
Rio 2015
When Renzo Piano and Richard Roger designed Pompidou, they used only half of the venue to build the Art Center, while the other half was empty as the city square of Paris. In Rio, Brazil, the tomorrow Museum designed by Calatrava also provides a 7600 square meter square in addition to a 5000 square meter exhibition space“ The square creates a more cohesive urban space and reflects the greater transformation of the community. "

Inspired by Rio culture, the museum explores the relationship between the city and the natural environment through architecture. The square surrounds the building and extends along the pier. The side of the building facing the square is 75 meters long and the side facing the sea is 45 meters long, which highlights the extension of the museum from the wharf to the bay. The permanent exhibition is located upstairs with a 10 meter high roof and panoramic view of Guanabala Bay. The total height of the building is limited to 18 meters, which protects the view from the UNESCO World Heritage Site St. Bento Abbey Bay.

The cantilevered roof and facade structure with large movable wings extends almost the entire length of the pier, emphasizing the extension to Guanabara Bay, while minimizing the width of the building. There is a reflection pool outside the building, which is used to filter the water drawn from the Bay, and then put it back from one end of the pier, giving visitors the impression that the museum is floating on the water.

The building features sustainable design and combines natural energy and light sources. The water from the bay is used to regulate the temperature inside the building, which also provides water for the reflection pool around the museum. The museum also uses photovoltaic solar panels, which can be adjusted to optimize the angle of all day sunlight and generate solar energy to provide energy for buildings.

Amos Rex
Helsinki - 2018
Since last year, Helsinki has had a new and adorable Plaza, which is a gallery of museums underground. Amos Rex originated from Amos Anderson Art Museum, which has been the top private museum in Helsinki since 1965. In order to adapt to the changes of contemporary art practice and display in the 21st century, the museum decided to develop a new venue more suitable for providing new artistic experience.

Lasipalatsi building is one of the best preserved functionalist buildings in Finland in the 1930s. It was built in 1936 in preparation for the Olympic Games.As the urban planning does not allow the building to extend above the ground, the museum and JKMM decided to extend the building under the courtyard which used to be a bus stop. The real focus of the whole renovation project is the public space as the roof. A series of structural domes, large and small, make the whole square look interesting. The inclined projection skylight brings natural light to the underground exhibition hall. On the ground, it is like a periscope, creating a unique shape of public space.

More than 2200 square meters of gallery space consists of a series of underground dome space. The curved roof makes the space flowing, and also makes some specific forms of exhibitions especially brilliant here, such as team lab.By creating additional public space to bring moving traffic, it will work for any museum building.

Cape Town - 2019
Few people don't like Thomas Heatherwick. There's no style, but even the brain holes are quite elegant. Every work is different. The curly bridge, the trembling dandelion, the stairs in all directions... He is more like an artist than a designer or an architect. Every time he makes a move, he is full of aura. It can be said that Heatherwick's design talent with certain performance ability is rare. He can always solve a problem in the most unique way, such as connection, display and crowd interaction. He doesn't talk too much. His technique seems incredible to others, but he instinctively uses design to solve problems.Barn renovation is not new. Many architects have tried it, but after renovation like Heatherwick, there is really nothing that can be described as gorgeous. The visual effect of stereoscopic cutting of products from 1920s is as amazing as 3D printing. His works always make people have a kind of imagination which is very simple but envied by adults when they are reading children's poems. "I walk with a flashlight. When I'm tired, I use it as a crutch. I lean on a beam of light.".

The Zeitz Museum of contemporary African art opened in Cape Town's V & a waterfront on September 22, 2017, and will become the world's most important exhibition space for African art.

It was a barn in the 1920s, the tallest building in Cape Town. Heatherwick's team created a complex network of 80 gallery spaces by cutting huge pieces from the tubular structure of the building. In these places, the pipe is cut off and the edges polished to show the contrast between the coarse aggregate of the old concrete. Laminated glass is also used for mirror decoration, using a frit pattern designed by the late African artist El loko. The museum is surrounded by a huge grain shaped atrium, which is 27 meters high.

The museum also includes bars and restaurants, a rooftop sculpture garden and a hotel. It will also house a clothing academy, photography, curatorial excellence, motion pictures, performing practice and art education center.

Etihad Museum
Dubai 2018
The museum is located in a new grand building in Jumeirah with a series of interactive pavilions. Here, visitors can explore the history of the UAE.

Enjoy historical photos, watch films and TV materials, and explore the development process of UAE - especially the important history from 1968 to 1974.

At the atihad Museum, visitors can learn about the many traditions of life before the Treaty of unification of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates was signed. If you want to know the extraordinary economic achievements of the United Arab Emirates since its first federal independence in the Arab world, the atihad museum is just as appropriate.

Covering an area of 25000 square meters, the museum is located in the same place as the union house, where the constitution of the United Arab Emirates was signed in 1971.

The museum also has a library, an education center, a temporary exhibition hall and a restaurant.


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