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Artcraft lighting——Evolution of art lighting installation in geometric space

This led device is becoming the main function and focus of guest participation. The cube is treated as a glass box, and a series of visual effects are designed to provide a window for revealing the dream image of the birth of the universe. The fluidity of content becomes the main movement, which reveals that the simple form evolves into the complex structure in the limited geometric space.

Transport the audience to this scene to make them feel that the organic simulation hanging in front of them is a life system, sacred and mysterious. The size of the installation further enhances this illusion, with each cube measuring 4x4m and synchronized with the audio. The evolution of simple forms is echoed by the accompanying soundscape, which originates from a single audio sample and distorts in many ways to enhance motion and create suspense.
In order to maximize the effectiveness and impact of illusion, the video content is rendered from a single point to match the perspective of the participants at the moment of entering the venue in a digital way.


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