Garden Light

  • LH-SF004-A
  • LH-SF004-A
  • LH-SF004-A


  • LED
  • Smart
  • Colorful
  • Garden Light
  • Product description: Whether you are looking for garden spotlights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor floor lamps, decking lights or garden uplights and mood lighting, all our outdoor lighting solutions can be installed quickl

Product Content

Are you looking for high-quality outside lights? Yard Lights has everything you want! We have selected the most beautiful exterior lighting for you. You can use these to easily illuminate your garden, terrace, balcony, front door or driveway. With our wide range of affordable products, you are guaranteed to find the right garden lights for you!

Features and benefits

· Perfect replacement for traditional lights

· Saves 80% Electricity cost, Better Efficiency, Longer Lifespan

· Boost home security, Increase safety when walking around at night

· Uniformity in Light Distribution – Maximizes Efficiency

· Low maintenance & Low Power consumption

· Reduced CO² emissions

Physical dimensions & specifications

Our team

Custom LED lighting manufacturing solutions for OEMs, Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers.Our team of highly trained engineers, project managers, and assembly technicians will design and build guaranteed fixtures with unmatched quality and attention to detail, and our account managers will support and work with you throughout the process. While other companies claim to custom manufacture fixtures, none have the flexibility and manufacturing capacity we provide our customers. That means we can design and prototype in weeks (not months), and move forward to production quickly to bring your vision to reality.

Lighting Project Solutions

Lighting Project Solutions are specialists in Exterior Lighting and our experience of over 10 years ensures that we can offer the very best solution to the task. We are passionate about quality lighting and it shows in the work we produce. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service in order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.


Lighting project Solutions know that from the moment you lift the phone to make an enquiry you are looking for a fast, informed response. You can be assured that Lighting Project Solutions will provide this. We know from experience that every project is different so we don’t take a one fit suits all approach. Our team takes the time to talk to our customers to ensure that we understand your requirements. We can do over the phone, or by WhatsApp/web meeting.

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