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  • Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED Supplier
  • Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED Supplier
Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED SupplierWall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED Supplier

Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED Supplier

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  • Wall Lights LED
  • Wall Mount Lighting
  • China LED Supplier
  • Product description: Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting China LED Supplier

Illuminate Your Space with Modern Elegance: Introducing Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting

Colour & design

Color: silver white, satin white

Material: aluminium, acrylic



Width (cm): 14.5

Height (cm): 33

Depth (cm): 11


Light source

Light bulb: 1 x 9 W LED

Light bulb included: Yes

Wattage (watts): 9

Integrated LEDs: Yes

Luminous colour: warm white : 3000K - 4000K - 5000K

Lumens (lm):720


Additional functions

Dimmable: Yes


Technical specifications

IP code: IP44

Protection class: I

Supply voltage (volts): 12V/24V/110V/240V

Artika_Meteor_MET-BL-RN_72dpi_3.jpg  Artika_Meteor_MET-BL-RN_72dpi_4.jpg

Artika_Meteor_MET-BL-RN_72dpi_2.jpg  Artika_Meteor_MET-BL-RN_72dpi_Lifestyle.jpg


1. Enhancing Entrance Grandeur-Crafted for Impressive Illumination

Illuminate your space with elegance and efficiency using our premium Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting. Crafted to enhance the grandeur of any entrance or outdoor area, these fixtures combine modern industrial style with superior functionality.

2. Superior Design and Construction-Premium Materials for Lasting Durability

 Designed with a matte black casing that complements any wall decor, our wall lights feature a robust acrylic shade that protects against UV brittleness, ensuring long-lasting durability. The integrated LED lights not only provide a powerful lighting effect but also boast an extended lifespan, backed by a standard 3-year warranty which can be upgraded to 5 years upon request.

3. Efficiency and Sustainability-Energy-Saving LED Technology

 Energy efficiency is a hallmark of our LED technology, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions. This not only lowers operational costs but also contributes to a greener environment, making our wall lights a sustainable choice for any project.

4. Built to Endure-Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Use

 Weather resistance is another key feature. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, our lights are engineered to endure outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and varying temperatures. This ensures reliable performance and longevity, allowing them to consistently illuminate your space with brilliance.

5. Trusted by Global Partners-International Testimonials and Customer Satisfaction

 Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is underscored by testimonials from international lighting agents. Purchasing managers from reputable firms across Europe, Australia, and the Middle East have praised our wall lamps, as well as our extensive range of outdoor lighting solutions. They highlight our company’s exceptional service and the substantial added value they've experienced, leading to high customer satisfaction and repeat business.

A. European Testimonial

Company: LuminaTech Solutions

Customer Name: Sophie Müller

Position: Purchasing Manager

 "We've been sourcing wall lamps and other outdoor lighting solutions LEDER for several years now. Their products are not only durable and stylish but also highly energy-efficient. The matte black casing matches perfectly with various wall decors, and the quality of the acrylic shade is exceptional. We’ve seen a significant reduction in energy costs, and our clients love the enhanced lighting effect. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come."

B. Australian Testimonial

Company: BrightSide Lighting

Customer Name: Liam Thompson

Position: Head of Procurement

"The industrial style of outdoor led wall light perfectly suits our clients' modern aesthetic preferences. We particularly appreciate the weather-resistant feature, which ensures durability in various Australian climates. The integrated LED lights have proven to be long-lasting, and the option for a 5-year warranty gives us and our clients added peace of mind. Excellent customer service and prompt delivery have made them our go-to supplier for all outdoor lighting needs."

C. Middle Eastern Testimonial

Company: Noor Illumination

Customer Name: Aisha Al-Hassan

Position: Senior Procurement Officer

"Outdoor wall lights has consistently provided us with top-quality outdoor lighting solutions, from wall lamps to garden lamps and floodlights. Their products are robust and built to withstand the harsh Middle Eastern weather conditions. Our clients are particularly impressed with the premium acrylic shade and the energy efficiency of their LED lights. The added value and exceptional service have cemented our long-term cooperation. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and stylish lighting solutions."

6. Elevate Your Environment-Transform Your Space with Our LED Wall Lights

Whether you're enhancing the exterior of a residential property, illuminating a commercial space, or upgrading public areas, our Wall Lights LED Wall Mount Lighting stand out as a testament to superior craftsmanship and innovation. Explore how these lights can elevate your project and illuminate your path to success.

 Experience the difference with our LED wall lights—where style meets durability, efficiency meets elegance, and your vision meets reality. Contact us today to discover more about how our lighting solutions can transform your environment.



1. How can we ensure clear and effective communication throughout the project with your company?

  •  At our LED lighting manufacturing company, we prioritize clear and effective communication to minimize misunderstandings and maximize efficiency. We establish a standardized communication process by determining preferred communication methods such as email, WhatsApp, phone, or video conference. Regular meetings, either via phone or video conferences, are scheduled to keep both parties synchronized on project progress and promptly address any issues that arise.

  •  Cultural understanding is also crucial. Our team undergoes cultural training to enhance cross-cultural communication capabilities. We pay attention to cultural sensitivities during interactions, respecting your business habits and expectations to avoid communication barriers. Additionally, we ensure that important matters are confirmed in writing to provide clarity and reduce misunderstandings from oral communication.

  •  For further assurance, we invite you to visit our factory for face-to-face discussions and to witness our production processes firsthand. When necessary, we dispatch technicians or account managers to your location for on-site support and enhanced communication.


2. What steps do you take to clarify responsibilities and ensure smooth project execution?

  •  We believe in clarity and transparency regarding responsibilities to ensure smooth project execution. Before the project begins, we establish a clear division of responsibilities and work processes. This helps prevent misunderstandings that may arise from unclear expectations.

  •  To support this, we develop and share standardized work processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These documents ensure that both parties operate according to consistent standards and procedures throughout the project lifecycle. By adhering to documented processes, we maintain alignment and minimize the risk of miscommunication.


3.  How do you handle feedback and resolve issues promptly during our collaboration?

  •  Feedback is integral to our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We have established a regular feedback mechanism to gather your opinions and suggestions throughout our collaboration. This allows us to understand your needs and preferences better and make timely adjustments or improvements as needed.

  •  In addition to regular feedback, we have a dedicated problem-solving mechanism in place. Our team is equipped to respond quickly to any issues that may arise during our partnership. Whether it's technical difficulties, logistical challenges, or communication issues, we prioritize resolving them promptly to maintain smooth cooperation and ensure the highest product quality.


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