Strip Light

  • LD-DD869313
  • LD-DD869313


  • 2835SMD
  • 196LEDs
  • DC24V
  • Pink
  • Product description: Pink 2835 LED Strip Light Series

Product Content

Many people are busy purchasing LED Strips every day, asking suppliers for the color temperature of the LED Strips, the requirements for the quality of the LED Strips, the requirements for various photoelectric parameters of the LED Strips, the requirements for the power of the LED Strips, etc.

However, few people will mention the need for the SDCM of the LED Strips and the requirements for the consistency of the light color.

So when it comes to this, there will be a problem. What is the relationship between color temperature and SDCM? What is the importance of SDCM for light strips? Knowing this will help you to make a right and professional LED procurement plan to fulfil your purchasing needs.

Physical dimensions & specifications

196LEDs/m 2835 LED Strip Lights Parameter

Front View – 196LEDs/Meter - 2835 SMD - 15mm - DC24V

Parameter Show

The power design of the 2835 LED is 0.2w, and the brightness is 22-24lm.

2835 LED also can be packaged to 0.2W/0.5W/1W/3W. At the same time, two-chip parallel or two-chip series design can be used to realize high-voltage LED design and reduce driving cost.
The short-unit cuttable 2835 led strip lights usually use a 9V, or 18V high voltage LED.

3528 led strip lights install with aluminum profile

The 5050 led strip has been tested long-time in the market, and the quality of the led strip is guaranteed.

Waterproff Show

Different waterproof technology for 2835 led strip light series

Wiring Diagram Show

Wiring diagram show for 2835 led strip lights


Two methods for dimming 2835 led strip lights

1. AC Wall-dimmer :
TRIAC Dimming/ DALI Dimming / 0/1-10V Dimming / ZigBee Dimming

2. DC Low-voltage dimmer

Accessories List

Wire cable with connector and Assembling for Flexible LED Strip Light

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