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Daan Roosegaarde, his team, and photobiology experts have gone through more than two years of research and development. They used 2 hectares of leek farmland as a canvas. Without adding chemicals, they used existing photobiology technology and unique "lightweight". "Formulation" promotes plant growth, improves the resistance and metabolism of crops, and reduces the effectiveness of 50% of the use of pesticides in crops. Roosegaarde Studio issued a statement saying: "By redefining the landscape as a lively cultural artwork, the term'agricultural culture' has been given a new meaning."

Dan Roosegaarde (Daan Roosegaarde) is committed to researching innovative interactive technology and design to explore the dynamic relationship between people and space and technology. He said: "The challenge of combining technology with art and design is how to create something new to make the world we live in a better place. This world has money and advanced technology, but it lacks imagination. "In Van Gogh's hometown of Brabant, Dan Rosgarde inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Sky", making the bicycle path gleam like a magnificent starry night, and the blue light waves convey the power of water and the poetry of the starry sky.

In "TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION", the extremely colorful Tanaka with the Edo period as the background uses the effect of lighting to show the different landscapes of the terraces throughout the year. The lighting changes from blue to golden, creating a dreamlike rural scenery. Visitors follow the unpredictable lights and explore the short life of rice, from the green seedlings to the mature ears of rice. At the end of the rice field, the real life scenes of the farmer can be vividly remembered. The kind, hard-working, and simple farmers went from praying for blessings to having their own horses, children, and enjoying the joy of harvest...


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