• LEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition Center
  • LEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition Center
  • LEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition Center
LEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition CenterLEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition CenterLEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition Center

 LEDER Lighting——Time Road Exhibition Center

Through time, architecture implies the connection between modern urban human settlements and the original natural environment.

The lighting design continues the language of the building, showing the urban feelings of time craftsmanship in the urban mountains and forests at night.

The multi-composite effect of champagne-colored copper-like aluminum plate and silver-gray aluminum plate on the facade of the building is eye-catching. The transparent silver-gray walls echo the champagne-colored aluminum facade, presenting a simple and modern effect.

As a gallery bridge as the core display surface of the building, lighting uses linear lamps in the vertical space inside the building through the understanding and analysis of the architectural language. The warm white light fills the entire interior space and isolates the noise of the city from the quietness of the site.
Open, at this moment, time seems to be quiet and peaceful.

On the outside of the bridge, warm white light is used, and linear light is perfectly integrated with the curved surface like flowing water. The clean and concise design technique presents the most delicate design effect.

To undertake the upper gallery bridge, on the silver-gray frame at the bottom of the building, the light is slightly white, and the geometric structure of the building is brightened with a bottom-up light projection method, giving the building a clean and concise light body image from different angles.

The silver-gray structure is like mountains and rivers, champagne-colored corridors and water flow together. Time path depicts the shape in nature, introducing mountains and rivers into the design. The contrast of two different shades of cold and warm lighting makes the corridor of time seem to float in the night sky, which is light and light. His posture complements the bright moon and bright moon, transforming into a shining pearl, showing the unique elegance of time.

Approaching the bottom of the bridge, look up and feel the beautiful artistic conception of twinkling stars displayed on the geometrically divided aluminum ceiling with starlights, as if everything in the starry sky reappears in the vast universe.

By controlling and grasping the flashing rhythm of the lights, the layering and atmosphere of the starry sky in the space are increased.

Project Information

Time Road Exhibition Center

Construction unit: Guangzhou Huguang Ruizhi Co., Ltd.

Lighting Design: Propitious Design

Lighting manufacturer: LEDER Lighting

Project area: 1000 square meters



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